There is an increasing demand by qualitative research professionals for complex and diverse respondents. Our ability to meet the challenge is based on an exceptionally trained and driven team of project managers and recruiters. Ownership and accountability are the foundations of how we approach each client and projects. We get it! You’re not interested in excuses, you demand results.

"Excellence isn’t a goal.

It’s a process, a culture.

We never stop learning."

-Josh Dyszel, President    ‌ ‍ ‎ ‏       ‌    ‌ ‍ ‎ ‏     ‍ ‎ ‏  

We are committed to finding high quality respondents and routinely utilize grassroots recruiting methods that allow us to hone in and match specific respondents’ profiles.

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of a project, we believe in transparency - an open and honest discussion of each project and sharing our knowledge, ideas and potential obstacles to achieving reliable insights. Our core database is approaching 500,000 and our ability to identify, recruit and maintain a strong connection with our respondents has benefited from close to fifty (50) years of qualitative research experience. As a matter of fact, Josh developed the database platform which provides powerful search capabilities and an easy way to communicate with our respondents.


Nationwide Recruiting

Our recruiting efforts can focus on a local market, multiple markets or nationwide. Primary segments we cover are as follows:

  • Consumers - We use creative sources and methods to recruit and identify quality respondents from our own extensive database (approaching 500,000) to social media platforms, grassroots phone calls and vetted third-party lists.
  • B2B - This is arguably the most challenging segment of respondents to reach. Our extensive database and most importantly the relationships we have developed with our respondents, allow us to engage this busy segment of respondents.
  • Medical Professionals Our comprehensive database and out network of  strategic partners combine to offer qualified respondents in a sought-after industry. We recruit physicians, general practitioners, surgeons,  nurses and others in the medical field.
  • Patients Recruiting in this segment requires an up-to-date database and trusted relationships with healthcare organizations affiliated with specific medical condition/disease. Our team excels and consistently delivers qualified respondents. 

Domestic Field Management


While some of our clients manage their own field operations, there are occasions when RAF’s expertise is called into action. Upon request, we provide field management services typically for multi-city projects that allow you to focus on other critical functions of the project. RAF is recognized as an accountable and reliable partner that gets the job done. Example of our field management services include:

Venue procurement | Vendor selection & management | Screener development

Incentive & Fulfillment Processing


For respondents, getting paid on time is of vital importance. Timely payments go beyond satisfying respondents; they reflect positively (or negatively) on the client and play an important role in engaging respondents in the future. RAF has developed an in house process of managing incentive payments -- we manage the communications, expectations, process and fulfillment. Our preferred method of payment is PayPal but our process includes Amazon or digital gift cards.

What have we learned during the transition in our industry? That study results directly correlate with respondents’ experience with available platforms.  

Digital Platform Consultation


The challenge is to select a platform that will likely deliver the most in-depth and complete feedback from respondents while maximizing completion rates. We are uniquely qualified to consult you on platform selection because of the breadth and depth of our experience recruiting and managing respondents for digital qualitative projects. .

Our team’s knowledge of the multitude of available digital tools and their advantages and disadvantages, allows us to recommend platform(s) that will yield the best results. Add our expertise of how respondents interact and react with such devices and apps enables us to find and then guide respondents who will deliver the types of insights required by the study. You need good data and high show rates and that is our focus.