Execution is Everything!

Methods are unique to each client and project.

We understand methodologies, how they impact respondents’ experience and deliver on client expectations; execution is key, it is what we do best. Our exceptionally trained team routinely communicates with respondents to establish a positive mindset, a key driver in achieving high show rates. At the core of our execution lies a broad based and extensive (close to fifty years) experience that enables us to navigate the dynamic and fascinating world of respondents. We are especially adept with digital methodologies, a growing segment of research with intricacies and challenges that are as evolving as the respondents we recruit.



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While in-person research has been conducted for many years, it has also grown in complexity in the 21st century - respondents are busier and are easily distracted.

In-person recruiting calls on RAFs multitude of techniques and our known ability to engage and cultivate relationships with respondents. Recruiting is an exact science; our recruiters immerse themselves in the details and goals of each project and work tirelessly to identify the right respondent for the project, not just any respondent. A few of the in-person methods we use are:

  • Focus Groups (include Mini-Groups, Triads, Dyads, etc.)
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Ethnographies (Friendship Groups)
  • CLTs (Central Location Test)
  • Shop-A-Longs
  • Home Usage Test | Product Placement
  • Usability Testing
  • Customized to study


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Digital methods are dynamic and challenging. They demand considerable discipline by respondents and require RAF’s careful and timely management of their compliance. We start by analyzing the respondent’s experience (as well as corresponding client expectations) before we begin any digital project.

This process allows us to develop a compliance road map for respondents: What they have to do, when and what is expected in terms of results. Often, clients introduce new requirements after the study has started, yet our process enables our recruiters to pivot and adjust without missing a beat. Our ability to quickly adjust to clients’ demands and changes is a result of years of experience and a team that is adept at guiding respondents and ensuring on-time completion of the assignment.

  • Online Focus Groups (OLFG)
  • Online Bulletin Boards (OLBB)
  • Video Journals | Self Ethnography
  • Blogs | Diaries
  • TDI | Web Assisted | Usability testing
  • Home Usage Test | Product Placement
  • Customized to study


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We specialize in projects that include both traditional (in person) & digital methods/phases within a single set of respondents.

We identify the most limiting phase of the research and construct a plan that delivers results.  An example of a typical multiphase project can be:

  • Phase 1 : 40 respondents in an online bulletin

  • Phase 2 : phone interview with 10 respondents

  • Phase 3 : 6 respondents for in home interviews and each respondent bring/finds 2 friends to participate