Why RAF?



We are not aware of many qualitative research firms with bragging rights of over fifty years in the business. However, while this fact alone places us among a select group of recruiting partners, we don’t believe it represents the sole answer to the “why should you do business with us?” question. And neither is the size of our database as significant as it may be. 

First and foremost, our longevity in the industry has provided us with an intimate understanding of our clients’ perspective; namely, the increasing demand by qualitative research professionals for recruiting complex and diverse respondents and the ability to integrate multiphase methods. Additionally, we know first-hand, that potential respondents are continually faced with tempting alternatives and demands on their rapidly shrinking free time.  

The challenge as we see it isn’t just finding respondents but establishing relationships that enable us to gain their trust and foster enthusiasm about participating in research projects. We have developed an expertise in not just recruiting to “spec” but motivating respondents to show up and “own” their opinion - our approach to opinion research isn’t focused on just the income opportunity for the respondents but also the education and motivation that they are part of something big - that their opinion counts and will play a role in critical long term decisions.  

Our ability to meet the challenge is based on an exceptionally trained and driven team of project managers and recruiters. We are expert human behaviorists; we have a detailed and exceptional process to recruit and an even better one to engage and drive high show rates. Our culture and daily routine is based on the continuous improvements process; taking nothing for granted and constantly and consistently evaluating performance and our ability to meet clients’ expectations and deadlines. 

We are transparent with our clients; we provide direct and honest feedback on each project before it starts; if we spot potential hazards to completion we don’t just bring them up, we present solutions. Our knowledge of methodologies and digital platforms play a big role in our ability to advise and support our clients. Our input and consultation frequently turn an average study to an exceptional project yielding valuable information. 


Our longevity and the experience we gained enable us to be ADAPTABLE. When we accept a project everyone on our team is ACCOUNTABLE for successful completion.  We know that qualitative research professionals have a lot on their plate. They want a DEPENDABLE partner they can rely on without the need to frequently check-in or micro-manage. We welcome the opportunity to be tested and prove what differentiates our business and culture.