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Are you, or someone you know, traveling Internationally?  We are working with a major airline who wants to learn more about your in-flight experience traveling in business or first class. Your feedback is valuable and you will paid for you time. We also value your help and are happy to compensate you for introducing us to someone who qualifies and participates.

Fill out the form and we will send you further information.  Please note that we NEVER sell information to third parties. 

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What’s in it for me
It’s simple…we pay you for your feedback.  Your voice is heard by the companies and brands you use in your everyday life, which influences companies’ decisions towards your experience as a consumer.  By participating in this study, it will give you the opportunity to be considered for other paid market research studies of all different topics with us in the future.

Who are we?
We are company that connects people (like you) with business and brands (our clients).  We do this so our clients can ask questions, learn, and improve using the feedback you provide.  

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