Our GDPR Compliance


As a result of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that took effect on May 25th, Recruit and Field Inc. (RAF) is providing the following information explaining how we comply as a Processor.

RAF provides recruiting services for market research projects and data with identifying information is sometimes provided to us (e.g., Client Provided Lists).  When this occurs, we act as a Data Processor. 

What does this mean?

When asked to coordinate a project using a list you provide, we are acting as a Data Processor.    You, our client, is acting as the Data Controller.  As the Data Processor it’s our obligation to uphold the commitments that our clients make when it comes to  data handling.

What do we do?

We comply with our clients’  specific and/or regulatory guidelines and are accountable for their information. We understand the importance of that accountability by having in-house data protection safeguards in addition to ongoing training of our employees.

For more information regarding our compliance or how it applies to you, please email:  info@RecruitandField.com