Welcome to Our Think Space

Our Think Space was built with our team and our clients in mind. It’s where we gather each day to focus, discuss, and define the actions that allow us to produce the groups of highly qualified respondents our clients have come to rely on us for.

Recruiting is at the heart of the services we provide.

While our services span the nation, finding people in our own backyard gives us access to whole new and untapped network — the network our team has built as a result of living and working in our local community.

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At Recruit & Field, our team is committed to finding high quality respondents; ensuring your comfort and providing a thought provoking space is simply an added value to our service.
— Josh Dyszel, President


Located in a densely populated New York City suburb nestled between a business thoroughfare and a high-income residential town, our office is just 40 minutes from two major international airports and less than one hour from Manhattan.

We are easily accessible to consumers, business people, physicians, and our dedicated clients.

Venue Highlights

  • Conference room well suited for groups up to 12 respondents

  • High energy room with full wall windows, exposed to a quiet, wooded area

  • 60 inch wall mounted high definition television

  • Large one way mirror for viewing

  • Client viewing room with three tiers, low-lit work surfaces, seating 12 comfortably

  • Adjacent client lounge with a work space area, and additional seating

Facility Floor Plan

Floor Plan.jpg

Room Dimensions


Conference Room

13 x 19.5 ft

Client Lounge

8.75 x 11 ft (Seating area)

8 x 11 ft (Kitchen)

Client Viewing Room

13 x 15.5 ft


Pictures Coming Soon!

Let’s Connect!

If you prefer to email us directly, send your request to: OTS@recruitandfield.com