Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Josh Dyszel, and I am Recruit & Field’s Managing Director.  Some say I was born to do this business, and in a way, I was.  You see, my mother – Bette Dyszel started in  market research in the late ’70s when I was just an infant.  She tells me that in those good old days, recruiting a focus group meant finding six women who bought Pampers or ten men who carried briefcases.  So she would stroll through New York using my then 3-year old sister and I as decoys to attract attention of candidates passing by. Once we’d charmed them, my mom would recruit them, and seal the deal.  My sister and I must have been just charming enough, because by the mid-’80’s mom gained a reputation as the “go-to” qualitative recruiter in the New York Metro Area.

Of course, time marches on, and our business really began to change in the ’90’s.  The Internet boom meant that geographical barriers were breaking down, and national reach soon became par for the course for the best market research firms.  We knew we had to evolve with the times or face extinction, so the company made investments to expand its respondent base coast to coast.

In 2000, I joined the company, bringing with me a degree in Information Technology, several years of business experience, and of course my market research upbringing.  Technology was yet again revolutionizing the face of the market research industry, and I knew that my newly minted skills and technological viewpoint would add a lot of value to the business when layered on top of my mom’s decades of experience. I was thrilled to help run the business: I knew technology, I grew up with market research, and I love nothing more than interacting with people – a key component of my job.

Today, our newly launched company, Recruit & Field, is rising from the recession stronger then ever. We feel like a restored classic car: we’ve got a fresh paint job and some new upholstery, but we’ve got the same power under the hood and our engine is revving to go.

Our amazing project managers and recruiters –  are ready to provide the same high-quality service clients have depended on for more than three decades.  If you think there’s something we can help your business with, please feel free to reach out.

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